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From around February 1881 small advertisements for Tasma Perfume produced by Mr A P Miller, manufacturing chemist of Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania appeared in Tasmanian papers.  Described as "A rich and elegant perfume for the toilet," the perfume came in several sizes starting at a modest 2s (the equivalent of 20c today) up to a crystal decanter for 17/6, ($1.75) which would probably have been quite expensive at the time.

A description of a gift presentation of the perfume was included in an article in the Hobart Mercury of 13 September 1881

"We yesterday had the pleasure of inspecting at Mr. A. P Miller's establishment a number of light little perfume caskets which, intended as presents for Tasmanians of note now at home, may fairly be called works of art.  They are made from selected pieces of muskwood and Huon pine, beautifully marked, highly polished, fitted with lock and key, lined and padded inside with blue silk velvet.  Each box contains a cut-glass decantar, filled with the new perfume Tasma. Neatly tied on with blue ribbon, and suspended from the neck by silk cord is a small card, on which is written the name and date, surrounded by a Japanese border in bronze. The whole forms a neat and thoroughly Tasmanian souvenir.  Mr Geo Browne, who travels to England, via Torres Straits and Singapore, had kindly promised to take charge of them, but they were not finished in time. They will, therefore, be forwarded to him at Singapore by the next steamer leaving for Sydney."

Known fragrances of this company

  • Tasma