Etienne Perfumery Company

Etienne Perfumery Co 

Etienne Perfumes was established in Sydney in 1946.   Their main stock seems to be small ampoules of perfume that held around 3 drops.   You would snap the glass end of the ampoule, use all the perfume inside then throw away the empty container.

The ampoules were sold in a small pack of 6 different fragrances.   Some other companies used this style of packaging also and referred to them as perfume “nips”.

The company promoted their products as being made here from raw materials imported from France.   Mr Herczog, the Managing Director of Etienne Perfumes had this to say about Australian girls.

Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950), Wednesday 6 April 1949

Australian Girls 'Do Not Know Perfume Art'

Australian girls are beautiful and elegant, but they lack one thing, according to managing director S. Herczeg of the Etienne Perfumery Co. Ltd.  They don't know how to use perfume to enhance their attractions and match their personality. Mr. Herczeg, who will leave by air for the Eastern States, said that the Australian girl, although ranking among the world's most lavish users of cosmetics, lagged behind women of other countries in the use of perfumes. 'When you are with a beautiful blue-eyed blonde in a rose bower you do not want the atmosphere dripping with an exotic perfume,' he said. 'You want something fresh and light reminding you of spring, such as lily of the valley or gardenia. If you are in the same rose -bower with a matured brunette, the atmosphere would call for something mysterious and sophisticated — such as jasmine.'

To interest Australian working girls in perfume and bring it within reach of their pockets, his company put up expensive perfumes in tiny glass ampoules - containing three drops. The idea did not catch on with Australian girls. The ampoules were marketed in France, swept the nation and spread to Africa, India, Ceylon and Switzerland.

The company was based in Pine Street, Chippendale, a suburb of Sydney.   This advertisement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, February 1948. Interesting that they promoted “music while you work”  

GIRLS WOMEN wanted to pack perfumes.  Music while you work. Good Hours.  Apply Etienne Perfumery Co.  62 Pine St.  Chippendale


Known Fragrances

  • Chinchina
  • Cubanita
  • Gardenia
  • Havanita
  • Jasmine
  • Lilac
  • Lily of the Valley
  • No 119  Tabora
  • No 120  Valeria
  • No 121  Floretta
  • No 122  Siella
  • No 123  Mituko
  • Origan
  • Sweet Pea
  • Violet