Prue Acton

Prue Acton was born in Benalla, Victoria, in 1943. She completed a Diploma of Art (majoring in Textiles) in 1962 and in 1963 started up her own company in Flinders Lane in Melbourne, which at the time was the centre of Melbourne’s “rag trade”.    
Like England's Mary Quant, Prue decided to supplement her clothing line with a range of cosmetics which she launched in October, 1969.  The costs involved in establishing and running the cosmetics business were immense and by 1970 the company was in financial difficulties. The company was taken over by the German chemical firm Hoechst Ltd, with Prue Acton being retained as a consultant. The company was never really profitable, unable to compete with the large amounts of money being spent on promotions by American firms such as Revlon and Max Factor, and was wound up in early 1976. A range of cosmetics, under the Prue Acton banner, were later released by Wella in the 1980s.

The cosmetics came packaged in a bright yellow plastc container with a distinctive black initial logo.

Known Fragrances of the company

  • Cabaret