Judith Aden

Judith Aden..................

The first mention of Judith Aden cosmetics that I have found is around 1927.   The brand seems to have been sold exclusively in Woolworths stores.   These were not supermarkets as Woolworths is today  they were called a "variety" store.   I remember one in my local shopping centre and there were aisles with ladies or girls standing in between counters of goods which were laid in little glass sections along the tops of the counters, it's a bit hard to explain.   

The Judith Aden name was not on any perfume, just cosmetics, nail enamels, hair care and skincare products.    The last mention that I can find of the products is in the late 1960s.    Woolworths would not have made the products but they would have been made for Woolworths by another Australian cosmetic company.