Perfume Bottles

Never try to force a frozen stopper from a bottle.   If it doesn't come out does it really matter.   I have had success just holding the bottle neck between my thumb and index finger, the heat from my hand does two things, it makes the glass expand and sometimes just enough to free the stopper.   The second thing that the warmth of your hand can do is soften the sticky perfume residue that is holding the stopper tight.   It's a very simple method, it won't damage or break the bottle and it has worked for me.

Be very careful cleaning bottles, never wash a bottle with a label.   Wipe it over with a barely dampened cloth.  



Never wash a compact!  Wipe it over with a barely moist soft cloth if you must but the last thing you want is water to get in behind the mirror which is almost impossible to replace.  I rarely clean anything.

Always remove traces of loose powder from your compacts, use a soft make-up brush for this.

Never wash the powder sifter from a powder compact.   I tried it on a damaged one to see what happened and I really ruined it.   So now I use a good qulity make-up brush to softly brush out whatever powder is clinging to the fine mesh.   Do it outside if possible unless you love housework!