About My Collection

I read in a perfume bottle book that when making a collection one should collect to a theme, one company, one era, or even perfumes with a common flower name such as violets.   The book goes on to say that a collection without a theme is just an accumulation of objects.  Whether my collection is a "collection" or "an accumulation of objects" is irrelevant to me but perhaps something for you to consider.

This is not a definitive perfume bottle collection, how could it be?  I could not guess the number of perfume bottles available to the collector.   The items in it are just pieces that I like. They reflect my taste; I don't have anything I don't like. The monetary value of the bottles is irrelevant as the inexpensive ones often appeal to me just as much as a bottle which may be worth $1000 or more.

My Victorian & Edwardian era bottles often give no indication of their place of origin although I believe the majority would be from the great English glass makers of the era.   Many have hallmarked sterling silver mounts and can be dated accurately.   I have some 19th century Bohemian bottles, which are particularly beautiful.   These are the forerunners of the fabulous Czechoslovakian bottles of the 1920s and 30s so admired today.    The crown top bottles from Germany are another great love although it is only the human figures that I like; the crown top animals which are quite cute just don't interest me at all.

I like to collect commercial bottles that would have been available in Australia.  The perfume industry in Australia was very small but there are a few Australian bottles in my collection although they are not very exciting.   My commercial bottles are mainly English, German and French with a few American bottles as well.   I doubt that the American bottles were ever available here but their labels are so lovely and some of the names so appealing that I had to have some.   These American bottles were purchased over the internet. 1960 is generally the cut off point for my commercial bottles.

I have a particularly favourite perfume and that is "Evening in Paris" by Bourjois.   My mother had a little bottle that a boyfriend had given her during WW2.   It was special to her, so it's special to me.    I have quite a large collection of "Evening in Paris" and this includes compacts, powders, samples, sets and the bakelite novelties that this company was so well known for.  Some of these items have been given to me by family and friends, how lucky am I?

Also on line are my compacts, powder boxes, perfume cards and other related items. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my "accumulation of objects", none of which are for sale, and if you have any questions or comments please contact me through my email address or sign in my guest book.