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Perfumeries Limited, who have acquired a number of other concerns, including the Cretonic Chemical Company, the Bell Manufacturing Company, and the Austral Essence Company, has an absolute unique display at the Sydney Royal Show, an illustration of which appears in our column. The display was marked both by originality and art. The aim of the company is to give a high standard of service to the public, and to give it an article manufactured in the Commonwealth, which in every way equals the very finest products of Europe, and far excels cheap importations with high sounding names. The preparations of Perfumeries Ltd. include "1577 Queenobia" Eau de Cologne. There is no mystery about the ingredients of Eau de Cologne. The essential oils are extracted from orange and lemon peel (orange flower yields "Neroli," and orange leaves "Petit Grain"), sweet lavender, roses, and other delightful flowers; but there is mystery as to how these perfumes are compounded so as to produce "1577." The company also produces "1711" Eau de Cologne, Wattle Bloom Valissa, perfumed face powders, old matured lavender water, face creams, hair preparations, cretonic medicated toilet soaps—in fact, the range is so large that surprise has been expressed at such high-class goods being turned out in Australia, and being sold at prices to compete with the imported article on the most favourable terms.

The image below is from Punch  4 April 1918 and shows the company's stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.




It is to be hoped that the public will show their appreciation by giving such a company its full support.  Perfumeries Limited has a staff of skilled manufacturing chemists, and a high standard of scientific skill is shown in the arrangement of their laboratories and distilling plants. The general appearance of the goods leaves nothing to be desired: but above all the quality is a credit to Australia.


The Melbourne office is 272 Bourke-street.

Known fragrances of this company

  • 1577 Queenobia Eau de Cologne
  • 1711 Eau de Cologne
  • Wattle Bloom Valissa