Perfecta Toilet Company Pty Ltd

Perfecta Toilet Company Pty Ltd........

No, not a manufacturer of toilet cisterns but another almost unknown cosmetic company.    The company's products were usually sold under the name "Le Raimon" and exhibited under that name at the "The Argus" (a daily newspaper in Melbourne), 20th Century Exhibition, held at New Wembley Court in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne in 1938.   Their exhibit was described as one of the most attractive of the exhibition. 

Perfecta also produced Rosi Carmette face powder, rouge and vanishing cream.   Rosi Carnette is another example of a local manufacturer using a more European sounding name.

The company had it's business premises in suburban East Brunswick and was first established around 1927.  Around 85 different products were produced at the factory including face powder in 14 different shades.